Fonts and the Web

So one of the things I like about Flex / Flash development is the fact that you can use pretty much any font you like, and it displays, fairly well across all browsers and operating systems. But even those of us who make plain ol’ HTML sites are becoming more appreciative value of good typography on the web, and we’re gaining awesome new tools to implement this good typography.

Now if I’m not a big slacker (it happens sometimes) hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll update this blog with a new design, and nice typography, instead of this boring old default wordpress theme. I’m hoping to use a few of these new tools to make my site super awesome looking:

For webfonts:

For layout:

And since webfonts aren’t perfect, help for choosing more unique backup (for those browsers that don’t support webfonts), and body fonts:

Hopefully you’ll find some of these links as useful and inspiring as I have.

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  1. David W. says:

    I HIGHLY recommend FontSquirrel for using embedded fonts in HTML. There is a huge number of fonts, their licenses have been checked for free commercial use, and the package you download for each font has it in multiple formats with cross browser CSS and examples ready.

    When I did my site design update earlier this year I added embedded fonts for the first time, and this took all the pain out of it.

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